Remembering the June 4th

What is the political history that we are talking about in terms of the June 4th? This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the June 4th, known as the 1989 Tian’anmen crackdown or the 1989 Student Movement as well. However, both interpretations might not capture the whole picture: The “crackdown” involves a perpetrator-victim history that […]

Semi-supervised Learning (Gitlab repo)

I finally set up a git repository for the semi-supervised topic model which was developed jointly with Lukas Ringlage last year: This demonstration project is developed based on the algorithm proposed in: Yang, Qixuan and Lukas Ringlage (2018). Semi-Supervised Learning of Topic Classification: German Parliamentary Inquiries as an Example. Unpublished Manuscript. University of Konstanz. […]

23: Waiting

Interestingly, I am slowly getting used to writing in English, instead of Chinese or German. Foreign languages are weird when it comes to communication that aims to reveal the thoughts. They are not the mother tongue or the kind of languages that is already deeply embedded in the daily socializing in a very broad sense […]

A Ride at Northeast

It has been almost two months here, and the busy days have just began. Fortunately, there is a fall break for Graduate School as well (As far as I know, Harvard and MIT do not have such arrangement). Instead of tripping to New York like most of the other new (international) students would do on […]